Specializing in delayed breast reconstruction

Delayed breast reconstruction can be performed weeks, months, or even years after a mastectomy. Most commonly it is performed for patients with:

  • a poor quality implant reconstruction

  • radiation damage

  • a failed implant reconstruction

  • post mastectomy pain syndrome

  • an asymmetric reconstruction

  • no reconstruction

Please take a minute to review Dr. Dec's patient guide to delayed breast reconstruction and read about six types of patients who benefited from a delayed breast reconstruction.

Hear from a patient who has undergone delayed breast reconstruction

Mary is a patient who was previously treated with a mastectomy and radiation therapy for breast cancer, but was not offered a breast reconstruction at the time of her treatment.

She was told her future options for breast reconstruction were limited because of the extensive treatment she required.

Hear how a delayed breast reconstruction with a DIEP flap was able to restore Mary's breast.

Dr. Dec Delayed Breast Reconstruction.jp


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Optimizing Aesthetic Outcomes in Delayed Breast Reconstruction Wojciech Dec
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